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Mohammed Ali wahaba Yemen محمد علي وهبا يمن

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    Muhammed Ali Wahab

    Flavour notes

    Orange, Nutty, Black tea, Kenya-like

    Velvety in texture, pronounced Orange and soft Nutty  notes come to the fore in this remarkable Yemeni coffee.

    The first country to cultivate coffee ​under the Ottoman Empire and has a ​unique agricultural terroir with ​native coffee plant varieties

    (Almost 90% of all coffee in the ​world comes from Yemen​).

    The work of 10 smallholders, the cultivation of coffee in this valley dates back to about 400 years and is home to the recently discovered sub-species of Arabica: Yemenia.


    Country: YEMEN / Region: West HARAAZ Bait Al Qanis, Masar / Producers: 10 SMALLHOLDERSHarvest: JAN-MAR / Variety:Typica - Dawairy, Ja’adi / Process: NATURALAltitude: 2200 MASL / Landed Februar 2023


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    Coffee Beans

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    Ben Rahim

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