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BWT besttaste S & X

  • Product Info

    • Activated carbon filter system for optimising water for the restaurant and catering industry

    • Removes particles, off-flavour components and chlorine from raw water

    • Ideal for optimising cold water served from any water dispenser

    • Used for raw water with low limescale content, also in hot beverage makers

    • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology

    • High sensory quality of the filtrate

    BWT besttaste filter cartridges deliver the best water for vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers. Any existing particulates and off-flavour unpleasant tastes or odours are reliably eliminated.

    This ensures that all dispensed cold and hot beverages are lent their optimum flavour. It likewise enhances the sensory quality of water from water dispensers.
    BWT besttaste 20 filter cartridges with integrated pre-filtration are ideally suited for pre-filtration upstream of BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems.

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