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BWT bestaqua 14 MEMBRANE

  • Product Info

    • Integral component of BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems
    • Highly efficient reverse osmosis membrane in filter cartridge form
    • Ideal for many gastronomy applications
    • Robust and durable simpler and safer
    • Filter exchange without tools insert

    BWT bestaqua MEMBRANE represents a milestone in the simple and safe use of reverse osmosis membranes. Never has the installation and replacement of a reverse osmosis membrane been so easy to carry out. Simply remove the filter cartridge and screw the new one into the pre-installed BWT besthead filter head – done. The complicated release of various hose connections is completely dispensed with.

    Furthermore, the design of this filter cartridge, which has been especially developed by BWT, ensures high efficiency, robustness and durability due to its intelligent combination of reverse osmosis membranes, spacers and internal water routing, making it ideal for daily use in gastronomy.

    Technical benefits of BWT bestaqua MEMBRANE at a glance

    • High permeate capacity
    • High salt separation rate
    • Extremely simple installation and filter replacement
    • Resistant to particles and chlorine in raw water
    • Combined permeate and concentrate drainage directly via the BWT besthead filter head integrated in BWT bestaqua ROC systems

    Technical details

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