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BWT bestaqua 14 PREMIUM

  • Product Info

    • Special filter system for mineralization downstream of reverse osmosis (BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee)
    • Unique, with BWT Magnesium Technology
    • Mineralisation for higher magnesium content ensures optimum extraction results for coffee
    • Consistently highly pure, bacteria-free water thanks to integrated BWT ultrafiltration membrane
    • Also ideal for high water consumption
    • Ensures reliable machine protection and water with top sensory characteristics

    BWT bestaqua PREMIUM is a new, innovative filter system for optimising water, particularly for all hot beverages. Integrated in the BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis system, this filter enriches the water with magnesium ions in exchange limescale and gypsum depositing calcium ions. 

    The result, worldwide, is a consistent and high level of water quality, ideal for coffee specialists. Equipment is fully protected against all deposits and corrosion. Moreover, the integrated BWT ultrafiltration membrane (0.1µm) ensures that the filtrate is always hygienically pure, virtually free of bacteria (retention rate of 99.9999%/log 6).

    Technical benefits of BWT bestaqua PREMIUM at a glance

    • Very easy to install and to replace filters
    • BWT magnesium technology
    • BWT ultrafiltration membrane (0.1µm)
    • 99.9999% (log 6) retention of bacteria
    • Filtration of all treated water
    • Ease of handling when replacing the filter
    • Integrated active carbon filtration

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