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During the days of the 1st major Tunisian coffee event, Le Printemps du Café festival, on the 6th and 7th of October, BEN RAHIM is proud to organize a series of workshops covering various aspects of coffee brewing, coffee culture, and the coffee business.

The workshops are designed for coffee lovers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of coffee and the processes involved, or for those looking to advance in their coffee careers.

The workshops will be conducted at the Exhibition Palace in Kram.

Each workshop will last for one hour. For a detailed schedule, please see below.

Please note that each workshop has a limited capacity of 8 participants, and registration is required with a registration fee. Please register below on this page.

The program for both 6th and 7th October is:

12:00 How to Make Espresso Like a Professional?

  • An in-depth exploration of espresso, the foundation of most coffee beverages at the coffee shop. Follow the steps of its preparation, from grinding and tamping to extraction, and gain mastery over all the parameters to unlock the finest flavors in your shots. 120 dt.

13:00 How to Create Latte Art Like a Professional?

  • A guide to achieving the perfect milk structure and texture; and creating flawless patterns. 150 dt.

14:00 How to Master Hand Brew & Cezwe Like a Professional?

  • Delve into the intricacies of these traditional brewing methods, uncovering the precise techniques and measurements that yield exquisite coffee flavors. From selecting the perfect grind to mastering the pour-over, you'll refine your skills and savor the art of handcrafted coffee. 110 dt.

15:00 How to Roast Coffee Like a Professional?

  • Dive deep into the art of coffee roasting, where we dissect the roasting curve and its impact on your beans. Follow the journey from green to roasted, understanding the nuances that create your favorite coffee profiles. 180 dt.

16:00 How to Conduct Coffee Cupping Like a Professional?

  • Embark on a sensory adventure with our cupping workshop, where you'll explore the systematic steps of coffee cupping evaluation. From aroma assessment to slurping and scoring, you'll delve into the art of dissecting the flavors, aromas, and quality attributes that make each coffee unique. FREE.

16:30 (Discussion) How to Successfully Open a Profitable Coffee Shop?

  • Coffee as a Business Breakdown. We share our experience and shed light on the behind-the-scenes business processes that contribute to a successful coffee shop, with a focus on Tunisian nuances. From choosing the right location and creating an inviting ambiance to selecting the finest coffee beans and crafting a menu that delights, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to thrive in the coffee industry. 200 dt.