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First Order 10% off for Coffee Beans

BEN RAHIM is organizing the 1st Cezwe Championship in Tunisia, and we invite you to join the competition!

We invite you to compete in preparation of Cezwe Drinks, a traditional Arab coffee brewing method. (BEN RAHIM can offer all the equipment to prepare the Cezwe)

Cezwe coffee has a harmonious balance of sweetness, acidity, and bitterness.

A simple cezwe is prepared with unflavored water and various dosages of coffee, depending on the coffee and the grind.

No additional ingredients are allowed in preparation or at service.

Cezwe coffee must be served in the same cup used for evaluation by sensory judges.

This cup should be a traditional cezwe cup with a capacity of 50-110ml, filled to 5mm below the cup rim, including crema (BEN RAHIM will provide the cups).

Cezwe coffee must be prepared using an external heat source.

Competitors may use only a single serve cezwe to prepare their beverages.

Competitors will be judged on the consistency of the preparation by the judges.

The Judges will be looking for:

  • Cezwe brewing skills
  • Serving accuracy (cup cleanliness, absence of spills)
  • Crema texture
  • Taste

The Champion will win 1000 DT in cash.

Come watch and cheer for your local barista as a spectator.

The date: The 8th of October 2023

The Location: the Exhibition Palace of KRAM.

Doors open at 10:30, kick off at 11 am.

To get familiar with the cezwe before the competition, it's a good idea to book a workshop.

The workshop will help you understand how to use the equipment and get comfortable with it.

Remember, the competition is on Sunday, and you're required to be present by 10 am.

You can make the payment either at the shop in Sidi Bou said Ben Rahim or before the competition starts on Sunday.